Yono Gakuin Japanese Language School on School Omiya Station in Saitama Prefecture indicative of Japanese language instruction

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Study in Yono-gakuin

We are always devising not only for just studying Japanese but also deepening your understanding of Japanese culture. 

Attainable goals of course


To get Japanese ability to live, to study in university or vocational school,  and to work in Japan by improving "Reading", "Writing", "Speaking", "Listening" in a well balance.



Studying basic sentence pattern and vocabulary, you learn correct Japanese which is able to live in Japan. For the students from the coutries which don't use Kanji... 


School calendar

年間スケジュール Our annual schdule is well polished to enter higher school and to pass JLPT. In addition, there are lots of enjoyable events.

Course hour

Double shift (Morning class, Afternoon class)
Students who come from countries which don't use Kanji take supplemental Kanji lesson for 30 min. after school everyday. 

Mon.-Fri. Morning class:09:00~12:30(Kanji:12:30~13:00)
Afternoon class:13:30~17:00(Kanji:17:00~17:30)  

Support system to go on to the next stage

進学・試験対策・特別授業 We regularly hold mock exam. of EJU and JLPT which are very important to enter higher school. It develops students' awareness and techniques of examination ・・・ 

Extra-curricular activities


Our school holds a wide variety of activities to deepen understanding about Japan(You can participate most of them arbitrarily. Some are charged events.). ・・・  


Plans to take course


Basing on the course which develop your Japanese in well balanced to pass JLPT N1, N2 and to enter higher school in Japan, our course are capable responding your required period and purpose.